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After going under the procedure, the patient is to go home and rest and minimize his act ivies as much as possible until the next day.

To avoid swelling, the patient should sleep with his head elevated in 45 degrees and for three nights after the hair transplant procedure.

Do not eat any ice cream or aspirin- stay away from alcoholic drinks from 3 to 5 days after the procedure. Apply snow to your forehead every 2 hours and for 15 minutes to avoid swelling.

-You don’t need to suffer; many people need prescribed pain killers after the procedure in the first two nights. These medications soothe and control your pain.

A prescription is given to you with medications that you take under doctor’s directions.

- Swelling or bloating may occur after the first hair transplant session it is usually the forehead. Swollenness usually happens the second to the fourth day after the hair transplant procedure. This is considered a transient phase; no permanent or future problems will occur. Due to gravity swollenness may move down to the eyelids. Swelling may be avoided by sleeping with elevating the head on 45 degrees using a pillow while sleeping, this should continue from the first to the third night after the procedure.

- Infections are rare. Avoid all kinds of dirt and bacteria during work or performing daily tasks for two weeks after the hair transplant procedure. Do not touch the donor area or the planted follicles, if there was a must the hand should be sterilized n order to minimize the possibility of having the area infected. Patients should report any pain, redness, swelling in the area of the procedure to the doctor immediately.


Avoid hard work and exercising for one week after the procedure. Avoid weight lifting, or carrying high weights for 10 to 14 days after the procedure. Avoid saunas steam and sun baths for at least three weeks. Avoid sexual contact for at least one week.

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    What you should do After Hair Transplant

  • Some people go back to practice light activities on the second day of the procedure, but most people prefer going back to their work places or to curry on their daily routines after two or three days after the procedure, in order to avoid swollenness or blistering that may occur after the procedure. Other people prefer taking a week of rest after the procedure; this applies to all new patients going under the procedure for the first time, where everything seems to be new.


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